Editor's Column

Viam Supervadet Vadens. Leonid Konik, Editor-in-Chief

Smart Country

No "Smart Country" for Young Men
Some of the "Smart Country" concepts existing in Russia and the rest of the world

Setting the Course for a "Smart Nation"
Government officials, heads of trade associations, CEOs and CIOs of Russian innovators share their thoughts on what makes a "Smart Country"

ICT Investments

Patriots Calling
Oleg Bratishko, Managing Partner at Typhoon Digital Development, shares his thoughts on venture business in Russia and on his fund’s operations

5G Adaption

5G as an Industrial Solution
Are private 5G networks a viable proposition for manufacturers, and how can operators contribute

The 5G See-Saw

Who will own Russia’s 5G infrastructure

From Russia with 5G
What the future holds for Russian 5G solution developers

Regulatory Issue

A Balanced Approach
François Rancy, former Director of the ITU Radiocommunication Bureau (ITU-R), explains why sometimes it’s better not to be first, especially when we are talking about regulation and deployment of next generation networks


Joint Standardization
Luis Jorge Romero, ETSI Director General, talks about the advantages representatives from different industries get from cooperation with the standard developing organisations

Russia’s IoT Footprint
What is Russia bringing to the international standardization of the Internet of Things, what would acceptance of Russia’s standards mean for global IT

Global Connectivity

World Wi-Fi: Spearheading the Sharing Economy
Ilya Yashin, World Wi-Fi Co-founder and World Wi-Fi PTE Ltd. CEO, explains how to create a worldwide free Wi-Fi network without any infrastructure or huge investments

Wi-Fi for the Masses
What are operators’ business models in public Wi-Fi, and will Wi-Fi prove a challenge to cellular networks somewhere down the line